Tuesday, January 7, 2014

August 17th wedding, Bhavini

A few months back Bridal by Jyoti had the opportunity to provide their artistic services for the nuptials of the beautiful Bhavini. She is a young professional who wanted a natural look about her, yet it needed to be adequate for her to be in the limelight on her summer wedding day.

The bride-to-be arrived at Jyoti's studio for a trial, accompanied by her sister and bridesmaid. The session was a jovial one, filled with much fun and laughter, alongside the work at hand! Several ideas and opinions were exchanged between the make-up artist and the lovely ladies, before the right kind of look for the special day was finalized. One for the main wedding ceremony, and another make-up style for the reception in the evening. Jyoti gave a handful of specific instructions to Bhavini to follow leading up to her wedding day - this advice for beauty care and related tasks was necessary to enhance the natural yet highlighted look that the bride desired.

On her wedding day, Bhavini's artistically done natural make-up by Jyoti blended perfectly with her outfit. She looked gorgeous in her red lehenga, which she wore in an exclusive style - she characterized it in a unique Gujarati fashion with a South Indian twist, by draping her dupatta on the left side instead of right. She was the perfect representation of a remarkable fusion bride! For her reception in the evening, the bride had decided to go in for a very contemporary look. This was achieved exquisitely by Bridal by Jyoti, with elegant make-up, and pretty curls in her hair to complete the look. It delightfully complemented Bhavini's peach and fuchsia attire.

Bhavini was very composed yet cheerful throughout day, and this reflected on her face and gave it an additional glow.


Testimonial by Bhavini:

"Thank you for being my make-up artist during my wedding!  I wanted a classy and sophisticated look for my wedding and reception.  I'm a traditional lady and wanted that captured for my ceremony.  I wanted everything color coordinated with my reception outfit and you were able to use the right eye shadow colors to do that.  Thank you Jyoti, for helping me look my best for one of the most important days of my life."


Vendors at the occasion :-

Make-up artist: Bridal by Jyoti
Photographer & Videographer: PhotosMadeEz
Wedding planner: Nobility Events
Mandap & decor: Mandaps by Dhoom
Rolls Royce: Jaszy Rolls Royce limousines
DJ: DJ Suj
Caterer: Chand Palace
Wedding Cake: Palmeros Bakery
Garba Night venue: Ashirwad Palace
Wedding venue: Marriot in Park Ridge, NJ

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